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Questions? Send an email to epayquestions @ lasvegas13.com

1.    Will I receive an e-mail after submitting my registration?

        Yes. An e-mail confirming your new Online Payment Account will be sent by our bank.

2.    Do I have to use the Online Payment System?

        No. You can continue to send us a Cashier’s Check or Money Order to the lockbox.

3.    What is my Online Payment ID?

        Your Online Payment ID is an 11 digit number consisting of your case number and the last 4 digits of your social security number. Do not use any dashes.
        Example: Case # BKS-11-77777-BAM and Social Security # XXX-XX-1234
        The Online Payment ID is: 11777771234 (This is not YOUR Online Payment ID)

4.    Do I need to remember and input my Online Payment ID every time I log in?

        No. Your Online Payment ID is not your Username. You will only need to input this ID number the first time you register, but it is a good idea to remember this number in case you have issues in the future with the payment center.

5.    I have forgotten my Username/Password. How do I get my Username/New Password?

        On the login page of the Online Payment Center, there is a link called Forgotten your Username/Forgotten your Password?
        The Forgotten your Username function will ask for your Online Payment ID and Email Address.
        The Forgotten your Password function will ask for your Username and Email Address.
        The e-mail address input into this function must be the same one you registered with.
        Note: Be sure to check your Spam or Junk folder for the e-mail. The e-mail can take up to five minutes to receive.

6.    Can I have my password reset?

        Yes. Once logged in, click on Settings to change your password.

7.    Are passwords case sensitive?


8.    Where do I find my Checking/Savings Routing and Account numbers?

        The Routing and Accounts numbers are located on your checks. The Routing number is always a 9 digit number and to the left of your Account number.  DO NOT look for these numbers on a deposit slip as the Routing number may be different from your Checking/Savings Routing number. If you are unable to find your Routing and Account numbers, please contact your bank for help.

9.    Do I need to input my Checking/Savings account information each time I make a payment?

        No. The Online Payment Center will store up to five different accounts and you will be able to choose one from the Previously Used dropdown menu.

10.    Can I use a debit card?

        No. You may only use a Routing and Account number from a valid Checking or Savings account.

11.    Can I make more than one payment?

        Yes. You can only make one payment while in the payment screen. Once you have completed a payment, you may go back to the beginning and submit an additional payment.

12.    How soon will the payment be taken from my account and be posted to my bankruptcy case?

        When making a payment, you are given the option of making the payment on the current day or the next day only. The cut off time for making a payment on the current day is 2PM Pacific. If you are making a payment after 2PM, you must choose the next business day.  It will take one to two business days for your payment to post to your bankruptcy case. If you make a payment on the weekend, the payment will not be withdrawn from your account until the next Monday evening.

13.    Will I receive a receipt upon making a payment?
        Yes. You will receive an automated e-mail with your payment information listed in the body of the e-mail.

14.    Is there a ceiling to how much I can pay at one time?

        No. At this time, there is no limit to the amount you can pay at one time. This is subject to change. If you are sending a large payment that represents a tax refund, insurance proceeds, or any other payment that is not a regular plan payment, please inform our office so we may process that payment properly. Please send the payment information detailing what the payment represents to epayquestions@lasvegas13.com.

15.    Can I make partial payments?

        Yes.  If you are unable, or do not want to make the full monthly payment owed at one time, you may make several smaller payments throughout the month.

16.    Can I set up automatic payments?

        No. We require each debtor to log in each month to make their monthly payment.

17.    Why are my payments held for 10 business days?

        Payments are held for 10 business days to allow for potential discrepancies, give the payment the proper amount of time to clear through the banking system, and allow the Trustee to review the payment before disbursing to creditors.

18.    Does my payment need to be submitted before the 20th of each month?

        Maybe. In the Terms and Conditions, it states payments must be submitted before the 20th if your case requires those funds be disbursed on the 1st of the next month. This rule only applies to a small number of cases where a specific creditor is required to be paid on each and every disbursement. If you are not sure, please contact your attorney. For the majority of cases where it is not required to submit the payment before the 20th, then your payment date is determined by your Plan.

19.    What is the $2.00 Processing Fee?
        The $2.00 Processing Fee covers our bank’s cost for providing this service.

20.    Why are not all my payments listed in the Payment History?

        The Payment History in the Online Payment Center only displays payments made through the Online Payment System. It will not display payments made to the lockbox or office. For a full payment history, please visit the National Data Center @ ndc.org.

21.    Why was my payment declined?

        Payments may be declined for several reasons. If you receive an e-mail that your payment has been declined, or your payment has not been removed from your account, please contact the Trustee to help determine why the payment was not processed. It may take several days for the Trustee to receive the reason code from the bank. Because it may take several days to resolve the issue, it may be best to submit the current month’s payment by Cashier’s Check or Money Order.

22.    Why is the Make a Payment screen blank?

        When cases have been Dismissed or Converted, the Online Payment System will still allow you to login, but you will not be able to make any additional payments.
        If your case is in the process of Vacating the Dismissal or Converting back to a Chapter 13, please send a Cashier’s Check or Money Order until your case has been made active again. If your case is reopened, it will take several days before you can begin making payments using the Online Payment System.

23.    Why is my account locked?

        Accounts can be locked temporarily or permanently. Accounts are temporarily locked due to three incorrect attempts at logging in. If your account has been locked because of an incorrect username or password, the system will reset the account after three hours or contact the Trustee to manually unlock the account.
        Accounts are permanently locked after a second non-sufficient funds payment. If you make a payment when there are not sufficient funds to cover the payment plus processing fee, the Trustee will manually lock the account and you must make further payments using Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders only.

24.    Can I submit my Tax Refund to the Trustee using the Online Payment System?

        Yes. You can make this payment two ways using the Online Payment System.
            1.    Submitting your refund with your monthly payment – If choosing to pay the Balance Due amount, you only need to input an amount in the Tax Refund Payment field and then choose the correct tax year in the dropdown menu.
            2.    Making a tax refund payment only – Click on the Different Plan Payment Amount button and leave the field blank or zero, and then input an amount in the Tax Refund Payment field and then choose the correct tax year in the dropdown menu.

25.    How can I view pending payments?

        If you have submitted a payment, but that payment has not been processed by the bank yet, you may view these payments in the Scheduled Payments tab.  Payments still listed in this tab may still be canceled.  Open the payment and click Cancel Payment.

26.    What if I have filed a new bankruptcy case?

        If you have a new bankruptcy case, you will not be able to make a payment using the Online Payment System to credit your new case immediately. You must first contact the Trustee’s office so your Online Payment System’s account can be associated with your new bankruptcy case.  This process will take several days.

27.    How do I contact the Trustee’s office for help with the Online Payment System?

        The best way to contact our office is by email – epayquestions@lasvegas13.com.  If you call our office, you will be prompted by the receptionist to leave a detailed message regarding the matter.  When leaving a voicemail or sending an e-mail, be sure to provide your case number, full name, phone number, and a detailed message regarding your problem.

28.    What if I have made a payment, but it has not been withdrawn from my bank account?

        It is possible you may not have clicked on the last Submit button to finalize the payment.  First, start by checking the Scheduled Payments tab to see if the payment is still pending.  If you do not see the payment under the Scheduled Payments tab, then look under the Payment History.  If the payment does not appear under either tab, then a new payment needs to be initiated.

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